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What I do for a living means that people look at me. You are not just dealing with your looks privately, you are on display. You can get a bit bored of finding out about yourself. There's nothing that's stopped me picking up a newspaper in the past, and it's something I really should start to do.

I have never been 100 percent comfortable in my own skin. I know so many acting careers that are deliberately kickstarted by a publicist placing a bit of rubbish in a newspaper. If someone recognizes me, I want it to be because they've seen me in something, not because they have seen me at something.

I sometimes think that if someone spoke to me the way I speak to myself, I would kick them. At school, I always wanted to be the best in the class - no, it wasn't enough to be the best in the class, I'd want to be the best in the country.

[on Tristan Isolde (2006)] The funniest scene was where we drag James into the hut.

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[on Celia Imrie] She's one of my all-time favourites. She did an episode of Our Zoo (2014) so it was lovely to work with her again.

We did one of the worst films ever made together 15 years ago (Out of Bounds (2003)). I learned from her not to take any of it too seriously and just to have a laugh because otherwise what's the point?

We referred to that scene as the Franco Sandwich, me and Bronagh. [on her first nude scene in Art School Confidential (2006)] Terrified. I mean I had a no nudity clause for Tristan Isolde (2006) because I didn't think it was appropriate I didn't think you needed to see anymore than you see to believe that we were in love or making love and quite often you see so much gratuitous nudity in films, especially from women, and my body is a very kind of precious thing to me.

When she drops down naked and said the line, "Ah, I haven't been naked with a man in 15 years! You know when something kinda gets you and you just can't stop? So when I was first sent the script and I opened it and flicked through it, and it says "She enters and she disrobes," I thought no way and threw it across the other side of the room.

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Soon, Sophia began working on Art School Confidential (2006), directed by Terry Zwigoff (Ghost World (2001)) playing an American who is the muse of a student in art school.

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