Accomodating adhd on the crct

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Accomodating adhd on the crct

Last year (3rd grade) she had a bad experience because the teacher (who was nice enough) couldn't control the classroom. My other twin used to comment on how much yelling the teacher was doing.Last spring I wrote a letter to the school making suggestions of what type of teacher would work best for my child. Well teacher assignments were given out yesterday and she got a teacher that I feel isn't going to work well again. Heresay from other parents and comments made by the other twin lead me to this conclusion. She really needs a good teacher this year but I don't know what I can do about it. There's a difference between someone who is good at being a teacher and someone who would be a good fit for your child.So, for that reason I've never asked for a change of teachers, except once.Steven's 6th grade teacher, who I will say seems like a good teachers, but a horrible match for Steven, for lots of reasons, but most of it boils down to they were just too much alike.I experienced a similar frustration at the start of last school year. After a month of this and a formal diagnosis followed by the start of Vyvanse, we had significant improvements.I had a meeting over the summer with the principal and explained why I thought Mrs. He loved her and she thought he was the most amazing young man.He had been assigned a teacher that she'd heard some negative things about. Most of the principals around here refuse to consider parent requests (demands) for placement, but she went to talk to the principal before the start of the year anyway.The principal acknowledged that parents had complained about this teacher, but felt the criticism was unfair, and asked that she and her son give him a chance. Well, it turns out this teacher was a wonderful fit for her son. The teacher was strict but provided the structure her son needed.

The word I got from various people is strict but disorganized. I agree with the advice on talking to the principal and letting him know about your situation with your daughter.

Everything, and I do mean everything started turning into a power struggle between the two of them.

There was a mishap with a scantron test and Steven was on about how she graded his test wrong on purpose.

We have simply stuck it out year after year with assigned teachers because we felt like we couldn't be certain that the grass was greener on the other side.

It also continues to be a learning experience about life.

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It hasn't been easy but learning coping mechanisms (both parent and child) and finding ways to nurture the positives of the relationship have been most helpful. I need a "how best to talk to the school" instruction manual. I made suggestions and we decided to do weekly meetings. The intention of this meeting was to build back up my son's self-esteem and for the teacher to see the efforts he was making.

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