Address wedding invitation couple dating

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Address wedding invitation couple dating

If no inner envelope is used, children’s names are written on the outer envelope below the names of their parents. State names may be written in full or use the two-letter postal code abbreviation.

Remember that maps and other inserts sent to out-of-town guests will make those invitations heavier than ones sent to local guests and may require a postage adjustment.This produces a different postmark (often considered more attractive) than if your invitations were run through an automatic sorter.Several of our friends have not responded to our wedding invitations.Invitations are always addressed to both members of a married couple, even though the bride may know only one or knows that only one will attend. If the woman uses her husband’s name socially, the address is “Dr. James Werner.” If she uses her maiden name both professionally and socially, it is “Dr. James Werner.” If the husband is also a doctor, the address is either “The Drs. Barbara and Robert Werner.” Since it’s awkward and impersonal to address the outer envelope as “Mr. James Smith and Guest.” If you’re only using one envelope, include a short note with your invitation: “Dear James, You’re welcome to bring a guest to the wedding. Best, Laura.” If there’s time and James supplies the information, you can send his guest an invitation, too.Invitations to an established couple who are unmarried but live at the same address are addressed to “Ms. James Smith and Guest,” the two envelope system works well. Before you buy stamps, take an assembled invitation to the post office and have it weighed.

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It’s likely that the inserts, or even an unusually shaped envelope, will call for extra postage.