Are kenny chesney and grace potter dating

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Are kenny chesney and grace potter dating

John’s new album, Locked Down, which I picked up on your recommendation, by the way. , Grace and the Nocturnals hooked up with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys in his Nashville studio. When I first went to Dan’s studio they were setting up for the Dr. When we came back a few weeks later, they had just finished.

At one point, while sitting at the piano, Grace is drinking tea and getting her voice to transition from speaking to singing. If you listen to too much pop music, it permeates and gets into you. If you listen to music from a decade ago, it definitely sounds like it came from another time. The songs we had were great, some sounded like hits, but I don’t think they were timeless. MH: There’s a variety of sounds in this record and the way I’ve been describing it is the perfect summer driving album. We thought it would be a follow-up to the last record. MH: It’s as if, creatively, you’ve been playing within a set of rules that you didn’t even know you were putting on yourself. We came together at a time when I was closed off to those kinds of collaborations. And I don’t think he thought that the record we made would feel as good as it did, that there would be a chemistry. Also about how responsive fans could be to a complete genre-bend. MH: On the stadium tour, do you come out to do the song with him during his set? And it’s really cool because he’s doing something he hasn’t done in years, which is coming out in the middle of the stage, just me and Kenny and our guitars, no band. “You and Tequila” is now one of those songs that people wait for in the set.

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You give me the right amount of money and I’m going to go home with you. So he gets this promo for the show that’s me saying, “That’s what I get for giving blowjobs before the show,” or whatever it was, and then the announcer’s voice, “Watch Grace Potter and the Nocturnals on VH1 ! That takes some guts when you have people depending on you. It was a combination of things but it all pivoted around the music. With my childhood and growing up in a very free place where my parents were artists and always encouraging me to explore, you wouldn’t think I was locked up in my own mind, but I was.

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  1. Maybe it really was "true love," but all the same I'm not interested in taking advice on how to do RP from a guy who doesn't practice what he preaches in arguably the most important decision of his adult life.