Ariel lin and bolin chen dating

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Ariel lin and bolin chen dating

While Ariel has a new drama lately, it's interesting that Feng Shaofeng also has a new drama as the lead male in The Story Of Minglan.

; born 29 October 1982) is a Taiwanese actress and singer Lin won Best Actress at the 43rd and 47th Golden Bell Awards.

He made his acting debut in the 1999 television drama “Robbers and Angels.” He has since starred in many popular films and television dramas, including “Modern People” (2010) and “In Time With You” (2011).

Ariel Lin has returned to her first period role after 5 years as the leading lady in I Will Never Let You Go.

It has been a while since I've seen everyone." He revealed he has been busy filming for the movie "Go Lala Go! When asked when was the last time he was in Hong Kong, he said: "It's been two years.

But I've been connecting flights through the Hong Kong airport.

Lin was born in Yilan, Taiwan to a middle-income family. Lin was first discovered in a Taiwanese beauty contest.

At the age of 19, he had his first head role in the Taiwanese movie Blue Gate Crossing. Twins Effect 2: Blade of the Rose was his first, in which he played the money-mad Blockhead, adopted brother of Charcoal Head.

In order to quell any worries, Ariel’s manager assured fans that the actress has no intention of halting her entertainment career due to her marriage.

In fact, Ariel has already agreed to begin filming a movie in March of next year.

Ariel and Charles have reportedly known each other for more than ten years, though they only began dating in 2011, when they met again after serving as bridesmaid and best man at a wedding.

On Ariel’s birthday last year, Charles made a special trip to England, where she is currently studying, in order to surprise her with a necklace and a marriage proposal.

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Taiwanese actor Chen Bo Lin(陳柏霖) appeared in Hong Kong to attend an endorsement event function for a cosmetic brand. I've been trying to focus more on myself." When asked if he has been paying attention to ex girlfriend Mandy Lieu's news, he said: "Ultimately, I respect her decision.