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Asiandatingmonthly com

You can go direct but make sure you're smiling when you open and understand that it may be too much for some girls as many have never spoken to a foreigner before.One cool thing about Chinese culture is that people are usually kept pretty in line and told what to do by those above them (sorta).

Numbers in China mean less than nothing, Chinese people will rarely refuse you simply because it would make them lose face by refusing your request or could make you/them look bad in front of other people because they refused your request.

What means something is a time bridge or an instant date.

If you're gaming younger girls (under 22) don't expect them to agree to meet you for drinks at a bar night your house at 8pm on a Wednesday night, the best places to meet are usually at the train station and then you can just bounce her wherever.

Chinese people are more wary of strangers because of a lot of scams that occur day to day.

So keep that in mind and usually the best thing to do is to plow through and use humour.

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) and looking stupid in public is a big part of this, so if they are speaking to a Foreigner and can't speak clearly then they feel like they represent themselves/China/whatever badly.

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