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You don’t want “I love you” to feel like the emotional equivalent of drunk sex—reckless, overeager, and hangover-inducing.But strategically withholding it to achieve some arbitrary “appropriate” benchmark feels depressing.And that love never really went away, for the next .She got on with her life, had relationships, got married and divorced.But she and Ezra remained friends, having annual dinners every year. They’ve been living together ever since.“The ancient Greeks had the idea that love was a God in the form of a blind baby,” Sasha said.“Cupid is not just a baby with the common sense of a baby—meaning no sense at all—but a in love” is also pretty spot on. But falling out of a 15-story building is terrifying.Like, even if it all works out exactly as you hoped, you’re both eventually going to die. “But then, I’m traumatized by my mother who would always say ‘I love you’ and then act otherwise, so I have experience with those words being empty.”I get it. But then, what do you call that feeling you get when you meet someone, and the world seems to shrink down to the size of their face?

“Basically, if you say ‘I love you’ before three months in, you look like a psycho.”But if falling in love is a form of temporary insanity—duh?If the goal is to be truthful and vaguely sane, when is the right time to say “I love you”?My worst “I love you” story is from back in my mid-20s.You want to fuck them until you can’t walk, but you also want to put your head under their T-shirt and stay there forever. “I would be a hypocrite to say I haven’t had intense feelings for someone on sight,” Emma said.“But it takes me about a year and a half to truly feel that someone knows and loves me and that I feel the same.

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When Fisher put a group of people who were newly in love into an MRI brain scanner, she found that the same region of your brain lights up when you’re “on love” as when you’re high on cocaine.