Bloglines feeds not updating

Posted by / 21-Nov-2019 17:47

Bloglines feeds not updating

Tonight Bloglines is launching a new design at, which includes a new personalizable Start Page, more views, and drag and drop Ajax functionality.

I spoke to new Bloglines GM Eric Engleman about the makeover and tested the Beta Bloglines myself.

The Bloglines Start Page is fantastic and will allow me to keep tabs on the feeds that are most important to me.

The drag and drop touches are excellent, and the Ajax is very smooth and relevant.

The company says that changes that you make to your Bloglines subscriptions in one version (e.g.

add or delete a feed) will be automatically updated in the other – so your Bloglines subscriptions will always be in synch.

The new features include a new personalizeable Start Page (featuring drag and drop functionality to add feeds); 3 feed reading views (Quick View with headlines only, 3-Pane View for an email-like interface, and Full View for “the classic Bloglines page layout, updated”); Drag-and-drop feed management using Ajax; and a new Unread System to manage what to keep and what to ignore.

Beta Bloglines enables you to drag and drop feeds into your Start page.

Top Stories RSS Feed Local News RSS Feed Sports RSS Feed Business RSS Feed Prep Sports RSS Feed Opinion RSS Feed Entertainment RSS Feed Lifestyle RSS Feed Lowell Cohn: The Cohn Zone (Sports) Inside the 49ers You may have noticed Web pages sprouting orange boxes with the initials RSS or XML and wondered what they're for.

These orange boxes indicate that the site offers RSS feeds, a fairly new tool to read Web content more quickly.

My judgement below, plus I re-cap the history of Bloglines and how they dropped the ball after being acquired by

Finally it looks like Bloglines is back on track, under Engleman. Bloglines Beta is the first stage of “a complete redesign of the Bloglines service”.

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