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Boonex dolphin remove dating

They all require different combinations of settings and apps.As for experimenting, what you see is perhaps 5% of our time going into exploration of "new" ideas.Harnessing the power of the Blog to engage and educate an audience around a shared passion or values and the magic of a social community to explore the full potential of an engaged aspirational, learning community. But, please, don't turn your product to experiment playground, we want to use it, to get social, political and money profit on it and now we can't because of endless experiments.There is always something "different and revolutionary" half-baked thing: strange and useless native app in D7, strange approach to privacy in UNA, three different timelines and multiprofile - for what???You working so hard to crystallize new vision, maybe it not so bad idea to make something working just like others do : FB, OK, VK, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Insta? It takes me a lot of time to understand (and i still don't) why I can't see in Timeline my friend's posts, like in ALL TIMELINES IN THE WORLD and instead I need to go to my OTHER timeline in profile to get friends and subscriptions.I can not understand what revolutionary is in Albums without option to add single photo, what the point to have standalone Photo module without ability to make an Album.

I was shocked when have face the fact that group/event inventor have to join it! My impression is you trying to ensure me that it's very revolutionary to drive on square wheels.

NOBODY WANTS TO JUMP BETWEEN T-H-R-E-E T-I-M-E-L-I-N-E-S!!!! It done already in FB, in OK, in BK if you talking about "to work like you would expect a typical social networking website", why you struggle with it?

Customers just looking on site and going back to FB, because they see UNA as unclear, inconvenient, stupid engine.

Once someone has gone to the trouble of signing up to your blog to make a comment, why not engage with them fully?

Unfortunately in most blog sites, the potential for these interactions is limited, mainly due to the constraints of the platform (usually Wordpress).

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In the last few weeks, we got a number of scale-related...

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