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Active Pop-up Defense’s interface and even the toolbar could use some sprucing up.

QUOTE(Gold Wires @ May 4 2008, PM) [snapback]1430419[/snapback] …

She has turned back quickly, just in time to notice, how Helen does something strange: she has put that that under the book laying on a table.

Kerri has a little stood in meditation, has then lowered Chu Chu on a floor and has pushed him in direction Helen.- Hold it!

But Chu Chu has solved that to it would not be desirable be at all caught, and in some seconds already all girls who were in a room, rushed behind it - everything, except for Kerri.

In such envelopes sent the letters and photos selectors of brides.

While all the others have been occupied by a pursuit of Chu Chu on all room, Kerri has developed the letter and has got a photo.

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