Cameron diaz tom cruise dating

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Cameron diaz tom cruise dating

we guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens between Tom and Cameron in the future.” spilled she wouldn’t be surprised if the friends finally tried to make a relationship happen. Nazanin Boniadi aside, I think a lot of people in the industry think Tom is a good dude. I heard about the date Life & Style is trying to make happen and I think Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem showed up as well. Date her for a couple years, convince the world he’s not bat sh-t crazy and then move on to an impressionable youth. Tom has said he wants someone with Nicole Kidman-type power. Tom would have to get new lifts for his sneakers but he’s all about committing to his relationships. Matt Dillon, Jared Leto, Justin Timberlake and Alex Rodriguez did my girl wrong! Now would Tommy probably try to indoctrinate her to Scientology? Would he have her spied on and probably followed by his minions? But he’d also treat her like gold and probably be entertaining as hell! This is the first time in a long time (maybe ever) they’ve been single at the same time. Tom could use Cameron (in the nicest way possible) like he did Penelope.Cameron has talked recently of wanting a baby sooner or later. Do you think Cameron would agree to be Tom’s girlfriend to revamp his image? Since Katie Holmes left him, his passion for Lord Xenu and The Church of Scientology has started to lose it’s luster, causing a big ‘ole void in Tommy’s life.He needs something to restore his mojo, something to remind him that he is mother*cking Maverick! An insider says Tommy has been crushing on his ├óΓé¼┼ôTom and Cameron get on really well.“Katie is so fed up that she called Tom and gave him a piece of her mind.She told him he was jealous and controlling and that she was sick and tired of his meddling in her love life.

Plus, after Cameron Diaz famously told that she could see herself dating a partner with children, we guess she might even be willing to take on Tom’s children: “I could end up with a partner who already has children.” Then again, having Suri Cruise as a step-daughter would be pretty insane…

I could see them hooking up, absolutely.” “A love connection between the two mega celebrities wouldn’t be as surprising as it sounds.” “They’ve always gotten along really well; they’re totally tight.

Cameron says Tom is an awesome guy.” So he’s “awesome”, is he? As fans of the pair may remember, Cameron and Tom starred together in ‘Vanilla Sky’ and ‘Knight & Day’ together.

Tom thinks Cameron is beautiful, intelligent and a lot of fun. Tom’s felt so low since his divorce and Cameron’s company has really cheered him up.”Poor Tom!

Dating is SO much harder when Xenu isn’t finding you a match!

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Katie is rumoured to have signed an agreement during her divorce to Tom that she wouldn’t publically date anyone for five years - the actress reportedly was hoping to finally be able to openly date again.