Caucasian chinese dating

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Caucasian chinese dating

Sadly, I’ve had multiple men come up to me and say, “I’ve never been with an Asian girl before ;)” or “I’ve always had a thing for Asian girls,” as if those statements would make me want to climb into bed with them.

I understand that people can’t help who they are attracted to, but explaining your Asian fetish to me is inappropriate at best and disturbing at worst.

I was also born and raised in Canada, so it’s not necessary for you to saying anything to me other than “hi,” “hello,” or “hey.”You also shouldn’t assume my ethnicity by the off chance you’re correct.

Here’s basic manners 101: never comment or inquire on an individual’s body unless they grant you permission to do. Unless we’re dating and I’ve explicitly expressed to you I enjoy being submissive in the relationship or bedroom, don’t automatically assume I will conform to these gender and race roles solely because I’m Asian.”Newsflash: mentioning your ex’s ethnicity doesn’t make you more desirable, sexually appealing, or trustworthy — and it certainly doesn’t make you appear more cultured if you’re a white heterosexual man.Instead, all you’ve informed me is that you once dated a girl that vaguely looks like me with ancestors that also came from the largest continent in the world.Do you expect me to give you a nod of approval, shake your hand, and say, “It’s nice to meet you.I didn’t know you were already a member of the Men Pre-Approved by Another Asian Woman Club!

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When you compartmentalize your compliment, you imply that I’m an exception in my race.