Chris comic updating

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Chris comic updating

This is from a brand new story called “Moving Day for The Supers”.More story details to come…plus news on when The Supers Volume 2 will be published!!!For now, if you haven’t already, check out our Comix Central Store HERE————UPDATE ON THE SUPERS #2 CROWDFUNDER - WE’VE HIT A BIG MILESTONE, CHUGGING ALONG AND MAKING HEADLINES (at least the ones we write…).Check out our progress here———UPDATE: I was interviewed on a great podcast, Press Start to Join, talking about The Supers and the Crowdfunder for The Supers #2…take a listen here———THE SUPERS #2 CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN IS NOW LIVE!!!Also check out Jeff's Patreon page and his new webcomic Hell, Inc - which is tremendous!

), it's great to announce that The Supers #1 is on the shelves at The Book Shop in Penticton, BC, my hometown. ---UPDATE 3/23/18 Been awhile since the last update, been working hard on The Supers #2 with Ricky Gunawan, but also some supplemental material for The Supers #1.5 aka "The Supers Quarterly"; a new version of The Supers #1 with edited pages, plus some new pinups and hopefully a few new short stories to tell! -----UPDATE 12/1/17 Here is the final version of The Supers: Euro character Schnell from Germany----UPDATE 11/23/14 My Supers Panel from the Edmonton Expo is up, disguised as an episode of the Trilogy Spoilers podcast!

Art by Ricky Gunawan and Jeff Martin ----UPDATE 6/30/18 With all the demonstrations today to reunite families, I realized I should post this, with the art by Steven Charles Rosia, as a preview of the upcoming "The Supers #1.5" being published in August...-----UPDATE 5/29/18 Congratulations to our contributor, JEFF MARTIN, on his nomination for the 2018 JOE SHUSTER AWARDS!

According to their site "the JOE SHUSTER AWARD is Canada’s national award that honours and raises the awareness of Canadians that create, self-publish and sell comic books, digital comics and graphic novels" Jeff has been nominated in the category of "Single Creator/Creative Team" for "Where is Zorg?

“Ace’s Night Out” and “Eddy Remembers” are both going to be included in The Supers #2, but if you are lucky, we’ll be getting some previews on this site soon!

Keep tuned to this Supers-station for more info as it comes available!

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Check out his site HERE————UPDATE: Well, it’s all done now, our Crowdfunder is complete, we didn’t hit our goal, so that means we didn’t raise the funds we needed, but that just means it will take a little longer to get the book made, that’s all! There are LOTS of updates to come, new artwork is coming in fast and furious and it’s hard to keep track!

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