Christian and secular dating dating of the exodus

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Christian and secular dating

Millions of unsaved people make it a habit to take without giving, while Christians are supposed to do just the opposite. But within love, giving becomes the most radical testimony a Christian could share, for love through giving is a way to reach out to anybody, be they Muslim, Atheist, or Buddhist.

Christians must learn to give, not out of duty, but out of love, for “If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing” (English Standard Version, 1 Corinthians. Giving is not only a testimony of faith but also a testimony of character.

What used to be the norm – meeting people who shared your faith and a mutual attraction – is no longer the norm. The article was shared, and shared, and shared again.

Although this article is about using the Bible as a guide to dating and looking for a marriage partner (as opposed to popular secular ideas about dating), it brings out some interesting differences between Evangelical Christian reasons for marriage and secular reasons for marriage.

Whether acknowledged or not, pleasure is always found at the center of secular dating. While the secular assessment of dating centers on self-seeking pleasure, Christian dating should focus on selfless giving.

Tragically, the art of giving has become a lost art within today’s culture.

One of the major differences between secular and Christian dating is the means.Thousands of unsaved men and women enter sexual relationships with no knowledge of God’s intention for sex within marriage.Because of this, few realize that sex must be held within marriage, else it inevitably becomes boring to the participants, who eventually break up or divorce.Secular people think of dating as a commonplace activity, comparable to sports or television in what it brings.Christians think of dating with many different opinions.

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