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Country music stars dating

The '70s drama takes place over five days in Nashville and boasts more than a dozen main characters, 20-plus original songs and a cat's cradle of plotlines.Some critics have called it a political parable, others a cutting-edge musical, still others a sprawling mess. What you get out of the movie depends on where you decide to look. Whatever your take, it's worth being seen — and argued about.Cause if you are…" he wrote in the comments section."Pure Country" stars George Strait as a country singer sick of the limelight who abandons stardom for, yes, life on the farm.Sissy Spacek was handpicked by Loretta Lynn to play the singer in this movie based on her autobiography. The Band's Levon Helm plays Lynn's coal-mining father; Tommy Lee Jones plays the singer's domineering husband, Mooney.

Strait is not an actor in the class of Mellencamp or Nelson, but he is genuine and has a winning smile and holds his own in a screenplay that makes few demands." "Urban Cowboy" was released while disco was in its death throes, and this honky-tonk counterpart to "Saturday Night Fever" helped boost the careers of its soundtrack singers and launched a nationwide craze.

Lange dazzles, but don't ignore the supporting cast. When it hit theaters in 2005, this Johnny Cash biopic brought renewed attention to the Man in Black.

Joaquin Phoenix channels the country icon, and Reese Witherspoon plays his eventual wife June Carter.

Whether you're an admirer of '80s kitsch or a sucker for redneck romance, "Urban Cowboy" is required country music viewing. Tim Mc Graw co-stars as the singer's harried husband, and Paltrow does a fine job singing on the tunes (several of which were written by the redoubtable Hayes Carll).

Gwyneth Paltrow plays a hot mess of a country singer trying to pull herself out of a deadly downward spiral. "Coming Home" was nominated for Best Song at the 2011 Academy Awards.

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From Marilyn Manson to Britney Spears, from Iggy Pop to Peaches; there are a plethora of stars in music who like nothing more than to get their kit off and appear nude.