Creative speed dating ideas

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Our drag and drop online presentation maker tool will help you customize these templates in no time.When I first clicked on this creative presentation from SEMrush, I was not expecting to be transported into a comic book.Source If you’re giving people multiple materials, try packaging them all into one convenient presentation folder.There are over 100 styles with a wide range of custom options, so feel free to get creative and make your folder stand out.Here are 120 presentation ideas, design tips, and examples to help you create an awesome slide deck for your next presentation.Don’t forget to browse our presentation templates library for more!No one wants to look at slides that look exactly the same for an hour.

With each slide, the map both dominates the screen, and also adds a bit of information about each location.I mean, who could not love the plant with a face on slide number 11?And if you want to see some more icons and illustrations like this, be sure to check out our article on how to tell a story with icons.Sometimes a unique die cut or an unusual stock is all you need to make something truly memorable.Source In this creative slide deck, the author made sure to only include one focal point per slide, and I applaud them for it.

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I’m glad I clicked because it may be the most unique slide deck I have ever seen.

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