Datagrid not updating after databind silverlight

Posted by / 25-Feb-2020 07:31

Datagrid not updating after databind silverlight

Now, when I tried to initiate the ajax request on the server side, it does not work.

When I use the below code, I get a null exception ( makes a difference?

I put together all the possible data binding options and the scenarios when they should be used.

Before jumping into the binding methods I want to quickly list all the supportable data sources which can be used in chart binding methods.

That means , it just Remove the selected item from the collection.

As Observable Collection is ICollection Changed interface, it updates the View at the time when collection modified in the View Model.

As this class class is separated from the View (UI), these classes are relatively straightforward to unit tests.

We do use the viewstate property to store values throughout the application.

The controls in the UI aren’t intimately aware of the command logic they are connected with, and the command logic is not aware of the controls it will be associated with.

Basically Routed Commands works great in certain scenarios, and are prevalent in WPF.

I am now trying to move the Ajax Manager control to the master page and manage ajax calls on the content page using the Ajax Manager Proxy control. In the first and the last case, it kept saying that the control did not exist in the context. vithiya Hi Vithiya, I think that the following online demo: And Window/Default CS.aspx?

After doing so, when I try to initiate the ajaxrequest call using javascript, it does not seem to find the ajaxmanager at all. The second option did not give me any error message, but did not work either. product=grid and the demo project from the relevant KB article on our site: become the basis for your implementation.

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