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Dating a ibanez ts808

SOUND IMPROVEMENT In my experience about 50% of original TS-9s I have played have sounded weak and thin, mostly due to a weak or incorrect op-amp.The "distortion" issue of GUITAR PLAYER in October '92 mentioned this, and interviewed Eric Johnson. said that he "went through about 15 of them before he found a couple that he liked".By the way, this guitar got stolen last year out of my car & then baptized. Thank God a Father and son pulled it out, and got in touch.

He also sent me his old TS-808 to fix up, the switch was flaky.Pedals and Gibson's can be a strange animal, your Tube Screamer seems to work well with the PAF's.I'm actually getting that Larry Carlton 335/Dumble tone, beautiful sustain!Scott Henderson, who is one of the true tonemeisters of today's music, explained the sound this way (2/2001): Got the new TS-9/808 today - sounds great!It has more bass, and is punchier sounding than my original (1980s) TS-9.

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I have come up with a KWS option to survive the abuse that occurs to pedals on the road.

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