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Use these photos when scrapbooking to show how your event was unique.

Embellish the pages with wedding favors, a copy of your invitation, newspaper announcements or flowers from the decorations.

The same goes for any special writing or description.

Putting a pattern into your design will give the book a more professional look - and it will be beautiful to look at! After all, this is a project that will be cherished for years to come.

Once you start attaching items to your scrapbook pages, think consistency.

Because each of these pages will eventually go into one large book, you want to make sure that the side-by-side pages will match (lay them out next to each other, match the paper, etc.).

A letters of the alphabet scrapbook may seem like a project best suited for a child's memory album, but this approach can be used for many other types of scrapbook layouts as Denny's Poems and Quotes This website has poems, quotes, scrapbook ideas, etc.See the New Stuff file for the most recently added things. If something is incorrectly credited, please contact me.You also want to be sure that your pages are all attached to one major theme: your child.If you're putting a large letter to represent the alphabet on one page, put it on every page.

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For example, the theme for the first page might be Adoration.

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