Dating fender vibro champ amp

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Dating fender vibro champ amp

These amps, fondly referred to as the “lunch box,” were sold by the thousands to students and professionals alike.

Immediately popular for studio use, they also found favor from musicians playing small gigs.

Blackface amps were immediately popular upon release and used on numerous famous recordings.

All of these amps put out about 4 watts and had a single 8” speaker.And of course, your Champ can be mic’d to be used in just about any size venue.Just grab your guitar and this little powerhouse and head out to the gig.Tech Specs: Once again, Fender issued three distinct variants of the Princeton amp during the Blackface era: the transitional “tuxedo” model, as well as reverb and non-reverb models in the new “Princeton” style.Each version featured a single 10” speaker and about 12 watts of output.

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The tuxedo was the result of the ever-thrifty Leo Fender wanting to use up the remaining “brownface” Princeton Amp chassis and cabinets.