Dating follow up emails

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In particular, I appreciate the changes you’ve made to improve communication between the sales and product teams.If you have time, I’d love to take you to lunch and learn more about your vision for Clarify.) and look at what he or she’s accomplished recently.Not only will this give you a topic, but it’ll also give you an excuse to meet up again.

If you can, include an invite to get coffee or lunch.

If you have time, I’d love to take you to coffee and learn more about [something you’re interested in].

It’s been a pleasure working under you at Clarify Inc.

I noticed on your Linked In that you’re working on an e-book about inbound marketing—that’s a project I’m currently heading up at my company.

If you’ve got time, I’d love to meet for coffee and hear more in person!

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It can be tricky to form a professional relationship with someone you met in a casual setting, like at a bar, restaurant, or party.

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