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On the contrary: It felt like we were meeting for the first time…because, of course, we were. And if so, what’s *real* intimacy, and how can we discern one from the other in today’s confusing, digital-first world? You see, when I finally met my new digital boyfriend, we discovered we were not actually in love in real life.“This is where you’re able to talk about what’s happening in the world such as politics, environmental issues, and business issues,” she says.“Intellectual intimacy taps into your brain and helps a couple be in sync in a non-physical way.” component of true intimacy; however, in today’s world, she says, it’s often a part of the picture. O’Reilly and Mc Ginnis agree.) She cautions, however, against relying on virtual interaction alone, e.g. “I believe an online-only relationship can be defined as having a ‘digital pen-pal’—your feelings can grow and turn into real love from communicating online,” she says.And, she says, what boundaries and intimacy look like in a new connection is very different from what it looks like after 20 years of marriage.“Every time we share our feelings or thoughts, we get to see how the other person responds.

Perhaps with more of it spent both online in person, my Brit and I would fall in *real* love but for now, I’m looking to build something the old-fashioned way—with a smattering of digital mixed in with good old hand-holding, ill-advised political debates, and the occasional (or, in my case, frequent) overshare. Mc Ginnis expands upon what’s required of both parties in order to build what Spira describes above.“It’s being authentic as well as accurately seeing the true self of another—it requires openness, transparency, and reciprocity,” she explains.“This happens when someone accepts you for who you are, cares about what’s happening in your world, and where you feel your partner is invested in you and your relationship,” she says.The creation of a trusting and committed partnership, she says, often plays a role here, too.

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“Digital connection is likely to be enhanced by in-person meetings and interactions, but this doesn’t mean that digital relationships aren’t real.” Because she believes that the definition of true intimacy is different for everybody, Dr.

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