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Step 1: Try to figure out why it's so difficult for your partner to be a giving person.

Even though it's natural for people to be kind and generous to one another, some of us have issues that prevent us from acting this way especially with the ones closest to us.

They don’t contribute to it or make you feel good about yourselves. A relationship will always make you feel as if you are drained physically, emotionally and mentally.

They just skim the fun from your life and want it for themselves. All you want is to give whether it is love or respect or attention. You won’t get back anything that you give and thus relationships are bound to make you sad and unfulfilled.

You are an energetic person and you attract the opposite; the inactive lazy breed. When you will fall in their trap, they will begin to show their true colors.

They are so sharp that they will make you feel that they are the best people ever.

One of the greatest skills you can develop in your love, marital, or dating relationship is the ability to quickly and effectively solve disagreements and problems. Kelly Johnson, the author of A Relationship for a Lifetime, will help you learn real and practical solutions that you can apply to difficult issues that could otherwise lead to relationship ruin.

This can be difficult, since everybody gets caught up in the stresses of daily living but, when dealing with a difficult partner, remember that their behavior violates the two rules that define a great relationship. Your partner's number one-goal should be to treat you with respect and dignity at all times. There must be a spirit of teamwork; you should always work through problems in a cooperative way and settling differences should be acted upon without fear of future retribution.Step 2: Call attention to the positive by praising your partner whenever they do something that helps you or the relationship. How long will you stay with someone who's surly, mean-spirited and condescending? But keep in mind that if you decide to leave this relationship, you'll then be free to find someone who will value you and will tell you so.I predict that over time, your partner will come around and join in; it will be a mutual lovefest of sorts. You just need to make a supreme effort to overcome the little voice inside that says "You're not good enough for anyone to love."Serious relationship problems require a concerted attempt by both of you to find a solution or middle ground and you may need professional help to do so.They will show you off on all public platforms only to make their ex-feel damn jealous.Sadly, you fall into the trap because you forget how worthy and wonderful you are.

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You are the complete package but the type you attract is the shameless rebounder.

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