Dating men who are uneducated

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Dating men who are uneducated

She encouraged me to pursue my own education, but also not to settle for a partner who didn’t earn enough so I could stay home while my children were young.When I first met my partner, he was taking a college program in technology, which pleased my mother enough for her to approve of my dating him.As I grew older my mother counseled me to find a partner with a good education and a strong work ethic.She warned me of the pain she experienced when leaving an infant at daycare for long hours because she needed to earn enough to support a family.

No one assigns any value to his other contributions—his relationships, his marriage, his family—because effort in those areas by men is not validated. Because in my mind, no one really wants to work in a warehouse. There isn’t really any job that would fulfill him, because the things that fulfill him are at home, not at work.Read Also: I’m 8 months older & bigger than my boyfriend, Is it a problem Unfortunately, it looks as though it’s only married men who find interest in me and even want to marry me at all cost. I can say categorically that you and this man you’ve dated for a while now are not compatible.I really don’t want to get married to the uneducated man because we really don’t flow. Please, he didn’t train me in university o, my siblings did. The two factors – you’re educated and he’s not; you’re a christian and he’s not – are major game changers in any relationship.Both of you are simply not on the same wavelength which is why you don’t “flow” like you say.Read also: My future mother-in-law hates me, Please what can I do?

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They married at a time when construction was profitable and my father was considered a highly skilled labor.