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Posted by / 29-Apr-2020 02:35

Now it might be he has another date lined up with someone else and wants to see what happens there first (ie keeping his options open) or he might be a bit slow on the uptake. There's 2 ways of going about it- next text you reply to drop in a question about the weekend ie what are you up to?

and see what he says (assuming you're free at the weekend to see him that is).

Alternatively, say you are free/doing XYZ at the weekend and does he fancy meeting up/joining you?

If he really isnt interested, he either wont reply or come back with a flimsy excuse.

If I phrase it as "he's not that keen", does that sound better? Thanks all for your views and I think I shall just leave it to him and see what happens.

But then I'm not telling you anything you don't know, as if he was keen, you'd know where you stood. I'm not prepared to be second best or messed around so we shall see!

This dating lark is hard work, it was so simpler when I was 16 and you couldn't text!! If he's interested you would know, you're unsure so that tells us something.

Texting doesn't really have a personal cost to him but arranging a date does.

Been chatting to this guy who is lovely and had 2 dates.

Anyway I kind of think I shall continue as it is for now as texts are nice and just think if it goes somewhere great if it doesn't nothing lost. I hope you have lots of plans for the weekend and beyond, even if it's just home stuff. If not, well, at least you will have been out, had some fun and won't be moping waiting around for him. If he's sending "friendly but not flirty" texts, he's not that into you Really?

If over weekend he still hasn't asked might just ask him outright what it is he's thinking. I've been with my BF for 7 months and very rarely get "flirty" texts from him.

Sorry pressend send too soon, So my question is what do you think.

He's been texting me loads but does he really like me or would he of asked me out again a,ready by now if he does?

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As the relationship develops & is clearly mutual, then this becomes less necessary - but I say don't suggest another date now! He's been texting when with his mates in the pub and at work and he starts the texts so not as if he's just politely answering but on the other hand maybe he isn't and is just friendly??