Dating pregnancy with late ovulation

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Dating pregnancy with late ovulation

mine was a 37 day cycle meaning o was cd23 which is a week and a bit difference. Your doctor will likely use your LMP to calculate your due what they did for me.

if i type in my lmp anywhere it brings us 5 weeks because it goes by a 28 days cycle. This is the first time I have known my ovulation day so I was curious to know if I told a doc I ovulated on such and such a date if they would just tack on 2 weeks to that to tell me how far along I am. I had a dating ultrasound that put me a week behind my lmp and my OB said she would still use my lmp dates as dating ultrasounds can be inaccurate if the tech calibrated the machine out by a mm. Then at your dating ultrasound they will fine tine it.

We had sex 3 times over the following 2 days once we got the smiley face pop up.

Thanks Definitely still a chance of falling pregnant.

I did have a clearblue digital which read ‘not pregnant’ from the same urine but I wasn’t disheartened as I just knew it was too early and they are not as sensitive as FRERs.

My husband was working away so I lay awake for 2 hours staring at the test till our normal morning video call where I got our daughter to tell him she was going to be a big sister, he cried with happiness. At 13dpo I got a stronger frer and 1-2 wks on a digital, 4 days later I got 2-3 wks and will do my last test this wkd which I hope will read 3 wks.

This was our 5th mth ttc but 4th official cycle (I have long cycles ranging from 31-36 days). We conceived her 1st cycle so we were hoping for another easy conception so was gutting when I was getting BFNS each cycle (though I know 5 months is not long at all in the grand scheme of things).

I did start worrying that it was never going to happen as my cycles were a bit all over the place, I never got a ‘blazing’ positive OPK or EWCM (including this cycle) but here we are!!

I suppose I wasn’t too shocked as I had been suspecting it but all I can say I felt was pure happiness and major relief that these symptoms weren’t in my head!!I used to spend ages daydreaming reading these BFP stories so feel it’s only right to share mine.So I always OV around CD19-20 so I had been doing 2-3 OPKs from CD17 but nothing!Bring on March 2020 and hoping everyone reading this with hope the same way I did gets there BFPs soon! I used fertility friend this cycle and I realized I ovulated on CD23. So I am wondering when doctors calculate my due date will they do so by my lmp or will they go by my ovulation time and add two weeks(once I tell them I ovulated earlier)? I get that at the dating scan they will know for sure but till that point what should I go by? They are an average as gestational periods vary from woman to woman, determined by genetic factors.

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Provided you did the deed in the lead up to ovulation, then there's every chance you can conceive :-) Thanks for the response .