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Dating site for intelligent people

There are even dating apps that cater to the intellectually inclined, playing on their distaste for the usual vapid hook up culture so prevalent in online dating.These people want you to know that in addition to long walks on the beach, and a love of Italian food, ‘Hey, I’m here for brains, not beauty.’ However, sapiosexuality has also sparked a bit of a backlash for being elitist, and for trying to make a personal preference a definitive sexual orientation. What about the average Joe not trying to make a statement about the abysmal nature of online dating?While this might sound a bit dismal, in the long run, it works out for them, because high intelligence has been shown to produce more long term satisfaction in relationships.Intelligence makes the nerdy set choosier when it comes to partners, selecting them for traits other than just looks – traits that have longevity.

So this is no mere coincidence: intelligence good sperm signal healthy genes to prospective partners.

Ladies, children, gravity, and wrinkles, will eventually alter your 20-something swimsuit body, but the intellect, humor, and wisdom, you’ve attained through those years will always be there.

That’s what will capture hearts when youth fades, and gray hair and botox become de rigueur. We will all end up like miniature prunes in the decades to come, so instead of painful hours in the gym, it may pay off to spend pleasant hours with your nose in a book.

There is no denying it, when you walk into a bar and scan the room for a potential mate, initially, looks draw you in.

But for the long haul, it’s what’s between your ears, not between your legs, that will seal the deal.

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Another reason for our attraction to intelligence lies in fantasy vs reality.

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