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The exposed hammer spur was easily visible from the rear of the frame and the pistol grip padded with smooth wood for some limited comfort.The curved trigger assembly sat within an oblong ring under the cylinder.The clip method also allowed the ejector rod to be operated in the normal fashion, the clip essentially acting as the cartridge's "rim" and holding it in place ahead of the firing pin. Army request allowed Colt to make use of this same moon clip feature.This aided in the extraction of the spent shell casings and sped up the reloading process as all six chambers could now be refilled at speed. The cylinder of the SW Model 1917 was also shortened because of the rimless cartridge being used.In the pre-war years, the Brazilian government placed an order for 25,000 SW M1917s and designated them as the "M1937" with slight alterations to suite Brazilian military requirements.M1917s then soldiered on in one form or another throughout the Korean War and into the Vietnam War to which the type gradually decreased in their available numbers, making them something of collector's items today.

Philip The Smith & Wesson Model Number One-and-a-Half is chambered in .32 S&W centerfire.The United States Army commissioned both Colt and Smith & Wesson to produce a revolver under the official "M1917" ("Model 1917") designation.The weapon would be a no-frills firearm chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge - the same cartridge as featured in the Colt M1911 - and be based on existing frames for expediency.M1917s served in an official capacity until 1954 though private forms endured much longer.In all, Smith & Wesson produced 153,000 M1917 revolvers to Colt's 150,000 M1917s.

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Local industry did ramp up to help offset requirements and foreign purchases assisted in stocking the American inventory.