Dating violence solutions

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“We don’t really know for sure what works,” says Richard Gelles, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and author of .That’s why, in addition to scaling up the most promising programs, there needs to be intensive study of them.

“And that has to do a great deal with readiness to change, plus receptiveness to intervention.”Ray Rice -- photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images But precisely because the success rate is relatively low, experts think it’s important that penalties be tough—and consistent. And it’s true for private organizations, like professional sports leagues.“We have programs for very young children that have shown improvements, and programs that target older kids too. But it's true we don’t have data that goes very far out.We absolutely need more research.”Of course, that kind of research requires funding—and that funding hasn’t been easy to find.“That’s a monumental change from twenty years ago,” Vice President Joe Biden, the architect of VAWA, wrote this week in He’s right.One in four women say they have been victims of domestic violence, according to studies.

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