Dating while living with your parents

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Dating while living with your parents

When it comes to dating, a particular bugbear for many singles is whether or not you live with your parents.

32% of women would say no to someone who still lived with their folks.

For those lucky few who met while they were still living at home or for those who it isn’t an issue for, we have some advice for you on how to make the best of your living situation from Love Mentor. As the summer holidays come to an end, and this year’s graduates settle into their new working lives, they and their parents are likely to be faced with the harsh realities of today’s housing market.

Many graduates will have to move back into their parents’ homes after university.

Luckily for Steph and I, her mom often traveled for work.

She was gone for basically all of our regular Tuesday nights together and was rarely home on weekends.

But for 13% it was because of a bad relationship that they moved back home in the first place; not out of choice.

Yet, with more and more young adults living with their parents well into their 20s, it isn’t.

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However relaxed your parents are about your partner don’t assume he or she can move in or stay with you more than one or two nights a week.

You need to respect their privacy; it’s not like sharing with your college friends.

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Only 1 in 10 men would feel the same way, according to thinkmoney. A staggering 3.3 million young adults still live with their parents under the age of 34, and people are bound to have an opinion on how it might affect their love lives.

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