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Who fat little fingers are in many charity scams, using ex forces to disabled children as a front to exploit the loop holes.

More to follow Here is the latest scam Facebook page just in case you want to ask questions đŸ€Ș https:// Kirtley then attempted to justify with a little bitch rant and claiming the same things he claimed 12 months ago Those who have followed the WMHCHQ over the years know we are not very popular with Walter Mittys, Bloaters and forces Charity scammers for the obvious reasons.

Furthermore, as it can be seen in the IP Address attachment, in Jun 16, the IP address was used to post using the mickytake4 email address, which was apparently done from Nottingham/Alfreton, but as we can see Willcox likes to travel and post about it.As it can be noted from the above image, ‘Alan Wilcox’ has left a review.Upon viewing the page, the name ‘Alan Willcox’ is absent, from the viewable page content, upon viewing the page source, the name ‘Alan Willcox’ could be seen as the author.For the WMHCHQ we decided to act so not to let other members reputations be tarnished with lies and fabricated evidence by the people behind these pages. Firstly we looked more closely as some of the comments on this blog to work out when the person behind Tinklesplash first started commenting.We then looked at other posts by disgruntled walts or those claiming to be acting on a walts behalf and identified a common trend in writing style of a set of posts dating back to 2016.

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These pages would attract former exposed and about to be exposed walts in the vain hope they could bribe their way out of the situation they had placed themselves in.

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