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I'm sorry I have no answers for you, but I can sympathize!And when we see them going down a path to nowhere it's upsetting. My daughter, too, sounds so Jekyll/Hyde-what's with that?If you enjoyed this blog article and you think of some one you know who could benefit from a Mr. Also check out I am a successful dating coach and entrepreneur located in Orlando, FL.Date Coach blog; please socially bookmark this article today so your friends on Facebook, Twitter and any other socially bookmarking sites can enjoy it as well. I have helped thousands of people change their dating life through my blogs, classes and my one on one date coaching sessions.Is he extremely negative about your personal success?Does he try to make you feel bad about you striving toward your goals?

If he can not survive on his own and heavily relies on his family or your support you may be in for a man that is unfortunately still a boy! I usually always say with all of my advice these may not be clear indications of whatever the topic is but if he shows any of these signs you can guarantee that he is a loser.

My daughter had everything going for her, career, great life, etc.

and then she ended up with a loser boyfriend that I hate and she has given up on all of her goals & dreams. It's like your watching from behind glass and in the far distance there’s the cute rabbit in the field and in the distance you can see the wolf creeping ever closer and your yelling and yelling but the rabbit can't hear you, all the other ones run except for the one rabbit and steadily the wolf creeps until there is no where for the rabbit to go and then the wolf devours the stupid rabbit, until nothing is left and moves one and just leaves destruction behind!

If he does not have any measurable goals, dreams or aspirations of wanting more in life.

This goes back to the concept of if he does not want more for himself why would he want more for you.6.

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