Dennis haysbert dating

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Dennis haysbert dating

At the hotel, Frank has another sexual encounter with a young man.Back in Hartford, three white boys taunt and assault Raymond's daughter, Sarah.Todd Haynes, the director of Far From Heaven, employs these tactics and others such as lighting and music to highlight these pivotal developments, and to further not only the plot of the story, but to create a sensory experience for the audience that lulls them into what appears to portray an idealized version of 1950s suburban American family life, but proves to be far from it.Throughout Far From Heaven, one of the central conflicts faced by the main protagonist Cathy Whitaker comes from her attraction towards Raymond Deagan, the son of her recently deceased gardener, and how it develops in the face of her estrangement from her husband, Frank Whitaker, as he deals with his developing homosexual tendencies.Far from Heaven is a 2002 American period melodrama film written and directed by Todd Haynes and starring Julianne Moore, Dennis Quaid, Dennis Haysbert, and Patricia Clarkson.

Cathy is married to Frank, a successful executive at Magnatech, a company selling television advertising.

Presenting this particular issue so early on in the film, there is a clear contrast drawn between Hartford's suburban idyllic autumnal setting, and the reality of the social order that dominates everyday life of the Whitakers and the people in their lives.

These feelings however prove to be a huge social taboo in this time period and are met with anger and prejudice in affluent New England.

One evening Cathy receives a phone call from the local police who are holding her husband.

He says it's all a mix up but they won't let him leave alone.

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The town is soon ablaze with gossip about the two of them.