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Fox dating show 1990s

Judd Apatow’s unique style of natural humor has made him a box office hit with movies like The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Superbad, but this funny, dramatic and mostly realistic show about college life died a quick death on Fox which, to be fair, followed the quick death of Apatow’s similar show, the cult classic Freaks and Geeks, on NBC.

But still, they only got FOUR episodes to get used to the show before it was canceled? Episodes Aired Before Fox Canceled It: 4 (2 unaired)Fox just does not like Nathan Fillion, as he starred in two shows on this list.

Seinfeld, which didn’t become a ratings sensation until after a few seasons on NBC, probably would have died a quick death on Fox. And then think about all the great series that Fox did axe before really giving a chance to catch on and build an audience. Even worse, Fox itself often sabotages its own shows by poor and erratic scheduling.

Fox’s sports coverage has a history of pre-empting and therefore destroying great shows.

Episodes Aired Before Fox Canceled It: 4 (4 unaired)Maybe Fox can’t take all the blame for the failure of Profit; perhaps the audience just wasn’t ready for it.

These days, audiences enjoy watching morally questionable main characters like Tony Soprano and Dexter.

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Before the audience could figure out who John Doe was, Fox canceled the show.