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The fight from these groups in 1983 was far more vicious.

The Patriots, for instance, referred to gay people as "perverted, poop-packing punks," and warned that "If you are frightened by the threat of nuclear war, consider the future of mankind based on a queer society!

In the months prior to that date, Ragsdale tried renting livestock for the rodeo from Reno area farmers and ranchers, but when he admitted the event was being sponsored by the Reno gay community, every farmer and rancher he approached—nearly three dozen of them—refused to rent their animals.

In addition, the Democratic convention in San Francisco and the Olympic games in Los Angeles, both held at the same time as the National Reno Gay Rodeo, stifled attendance.

The Comstock Gay Rodeo Association left Nevada State Fair, Inc. Unable to reach Phil Ragsdale or any of the rodeo organizers, Nevada State Fair, Inc.

Inspired by what was happening in ordinarily conservative Nevada, gay rodeo associations were founded in Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, California, Arizona, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Oregon, and Wyoming.

In 1985, the International Gay Rodeo Association [IGRA] was founded, and the phenomenon of gay rodeo became a rich part of gay culture in the U. As popularity of the National Reno Gay Rodeo increased, so did conservative backlash in the state.

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gave away the rodeo association's reservation dates and planned no further business with them.