Halle berry who is she dating now

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Halle berry who is she dating now

“Halle was devastated after the fight,” a friend reveals.“She rushed Nahla into the house so she didn’t see her dad and Olivier acting like wild animals.Now, following the Berry-Martinez divorce announcement, he’s come out swinging on social media. But a source close to Benét says the singer was unfairly maligned.He is particularly incensed that Berry — who has spoken openly of being in an abusive relationship in which she was hit so hard that she lost 80 percent of her hearing in one ear — never made it clear to the public that he wasn’t her abuser. “He has always been painted as the villain — the sex addict who broke Halle’s heart,” the insider says.She knew that both Gabriel and Olivier had hot tempers, but she was furious with them for reacting in such a juvenile way.” While Berry blamed Aubry for instigating the brawl, she was still “mad” at Martinez in the aftermath.

On Thanksgiving Day in 2012, Aubry dropped Nahla off at Berry’s Los Angeles home and had a fight with Martinez that sent both men to the emergency room.Aubry suffered facial cuts and a fractured rib, while former welterweight boxer Martinez sustained injuries to his hand.Both parties claimed that the other had instigated the vicious fight.It feels as if she’s my own,” the actress told an interviewer while married to Benét.“I don’t think anything’s going to prevent us from having a mother-daughter relationship.

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“Her divorce from Eric was very acrimonious and as much as she hoped to stay in India’s life, it just didn’t work out that way.” Dated 2005 to 2010 Berry met the hunky Canadian model while shooting a Versace campaign and had her first child, daughter Nahla, with him three years into their relationship.

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