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Hamilton was granted the land by William Penn's heirs and is credited with founding the city of Lancaster with his son James. The Elinvar hairspring was patented in 1931 and used in all movements thereafter.

Hamilton Watch was founded by merging Keystone with the Aurora (Illinois) Watch Company. The name Elinvar was derived from the term "Elasticity Invariable" and was the first alloy to resist the changes in elasticity that occur with changes in temperature.

The rugged, precision watch that Hamilton produced became a favorite among railroad watch inspectors and personnel.

Miller, vice-president, left Lancaster to become its general manager.

Aurora machinery was moved to Lancaster in summer of 1892. In January 1957, Hamilton introduced the world's first electric wristwatch, a breakthrough for the industry and the first basic change in portable timekeeping since the early 16th century.

Among the leading business and professional men of Lancaster who founded the Hamilton Watch Company were J. Powered by a tiny 1.5 volt battery guaranteed to run the watch for more than a year, the new watch completely eliminated the need for a mainspring.

Any Swatch service center can perform repairs on your modern Hamilton watch. Click here for an explanation and example of how to use our serial number tables. Click here for instructions on how to identify and open most common case types.

Be sure to use the serial number on the movement (the works) of the watch. Hamilton also used serial numbers preceded by a letter on certain grades from about the late 30's until the late 60's.

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The following tables can help in identifying these watches.