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But we are not our genitals, any of us, whether our bodies are ‘right’ or not.Let parents bond with their baby, and don’t create this panic around the idea that your child isn’t right.”This focus on medical care, and building a holistic support network of family and knowledgeable medical professionals, grew out of a movement that has not hesitated to take to the streets.

"God made me the way I am, and I accept myself,” she told South Africa’s You magazine.

But one movement intersex advocates are not sure they want to be automatically lumped in with is the gay-rights struggle.

For one thing, that all intersex people are gay is one myth intersex activists hope to dispel.

“I am who I am and I'm proud of myself.”“There is nothing wrong with having an intersex body, we’re just another variation of the human possibility,” says Caitlin, who’s been outspoken on the issue since first hearing the term for the first time at a conference she attended at 18, which she cites as a turning point in her own activism. I do lots of things with my time that have nothing do with advocacy.

“Even for me, I was older, but I was still pushed to do a surgery, but I resisted that and I feel very lucky to do that.”Janet Green, who more readily identifies with the term DSD, works with Accord Alliance, an organization of health-care professionals and advocates that launched last March with the goal of promoting a new standard of care for people with DSD. It’s a wonderful thing for everyone’s self-perceived inadequacies or differences that our genitals are not placed on our foreheads!

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