Husband joins dating website

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Husband joins dating website

Oh, and to those who mentioned how devastating such a marriage is to many Jewish families -- I can vouch for that.My paternal grandparents only chose to see me once, when I was a few weeks old.Serena Williams has put a profile on a Jewish singles website in a bid to get a date with a "cute"� Jewish boy.The 28-year-old tennis champ says she couldn't resist joining, after spotting good-looking Jewish guys online.What's more, my mother was exceptionally intelligent (having had education only through the 8th grade, she was an avid reader who kept up with various current events of the day, and she held her own with faculty members of some of the country's better universities).Finally, my mother was a classy, outgoing lady with a multitude of friends from all walks of life.

In Eastern European countries they gave all Jews German/German sounding names so they would be instantly recognized as not being Eastern European.So, to this day, I often wonder how surprised my grandmother would have been to witness her "beloved" grandbaby's skin darken and hair kink-up, seemingly overnight.But, alas, there was no danger of my parents divorcing (at the time) and even less of a chance that my mother would have ever relinquished me to her husband's mother.But I was under the impression that the whole point of JDate was for single Jews to find Jewish partners. I know so many Jewish men who have been madly in love with women that they havent married due to the fact that their parent's wouldn't approve of them marrying a non Jew. The return of the anti-semite posting lies disguised as wisdom about Jews.Truth: as of 2001, 47% of marriages involving an American Jew were mixed marriages and the trend is toward intermarriage, not away from it.

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In any event, for obvious reasons, I'm very glad my parents met and were married, for a time.

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