International dating ventures norwell massachusetts danna paola eleazar gomez dating

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International dating ventures norwell massachusetts

I was naive and that has changed a lot since that dark day in my life.Obviously, I will never recommend or use that card ever again. I visited while my wife and I had a rough spot in our marriage and was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder...I am a former employee of e Love/The Right One and every single one of these reviews and complaints are absolutely legit.I had the unfortunate opportunity of working for e Love/The Right One as a marketing agent.The companies are International Dating Ventures Inc, International Introductions Inc, International Dating Ventures Inc, Lone Star Introductions Inc, Lifeaccesscom Inc, Elove, Las Vegas Introductions Inc, and Twin Cities Introductions Inc.

I ended up finding someone else on my own and no longer need their services.I found them when I did a google search for matchmakers in the state of CT.They were the first result to pop up, and they boasted being voted #1 (I've since done some research and found nothing to back this up). I gave my phone number and within about 5 seconds, I had a phone call from a representative.They give you what ever they have in their data base and believe me is nasty and not real. I was grilled or talked into this in a 3 hour session and asked to use my Discover card due to the fact that they knew beforehand that Discover would not back me up in a dispute.They don't send you to a matching specialist, they just don't care. They urged me to use Discover even when I made it very clear that I preferred to use a Visa or Mastercard since the interest rates where so much lower.

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So far the 4 matches, (which they're counting as part of the contract), have been DISASTROUS.

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