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Intimidating fight talk

It is because what we can only see is the external part of their personality. You don’t like negative people or people who always complain, but you don’t judge others. Not because you don’t know what to say, but because you are making a profound point. The truth is that you are nice, if not the nicest person in the world.

Your mind and heart are built with extraordinary determination and perseverance. This is the reason why you don’t accept others who always complain. What you want is people who love challenges – people who are a problem solver. You are an open-minded person but you can’t accept useless talks. Sometimes you don’t say a word in the middle of a conversation.

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Like Jon Fitch himself, this walkout song proves you don't have to be loud and wild to scare the beejezus out of someone. Regardless, the intimidation in these three-and-a-half minutes is a simple, objective fact.

I realize his song may inspire fear from a simple Pavlovian standpoint, but come on. Let's start this off with a bang and one of the most intimidating and best overall entrance songs in history.

"Sandstorm" is like the least intimidating entrance song ever, at least outside the humor category. In addition, a note of respect and farewell to Nick "The Ninja of Love" Denis, the hard-hitting Canadian who unexpectedly retired yesterday at age 29.

Fitting, then, that it accompanied Chuck Liddell to the cage when the man himself was also at his menacing best.

With the possible exception of Wanderlei Silva's "Sandstorm," I'm not sure any song is more closely associated with a fighter than this song is with welterweight legend Matt Hughes.

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