Is jillian harris dating anyone

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Let’s say he’s there for the honest reason; he’s going to get publicity for his career anyway. But him and his agent, I’m sure, knew that coming on the show was beneficial at the end of the day.” On Ed: “If I had to put money on one guy [to win], it would almost be a coin toss between Kiptyn and probably Ed. He’s the guy that never does anything bad, but never does anything to differentiate himself.” took a trip back in time to the Old West, while tensions heated up at the house as the fight for Jillian Harris raged on.

Jillian told me she wanted to go faster but they wouldn’t let them. Jillian told me she was really concerned about Sasha’s lack of relationship experience.

In reality, he wasn’t doing any of that.” On David: “His dad had three heart attacks [by age] 50, so it just runs in the family I guess. Dave just has a personal mission to almost destroy Juan.

Obviously, there are some anger-management issues going on there.” On Wes: “Wes is an entertainer; he’s a musician. I don’t think he came on the show just for that reason.

, Jillian Harris sent home one of the seemingly nicest guys, with one of the saddest stories, in Sasha Petrovic.

Sasha was apparently not measuring up to the unemployed bartender, struggling country musician and tattooed rage-a-holic, among others.

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Jillian says it melted her heart (her words not mine). The cocktail party begins with Dave’s rage quickly building to level 3. We leave the rage-fest for my favorite part of this episode: Tanner P.’s toe suck dance.