Kerala dating club

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Kerala dating club

“Compared to girls from other parts of the country, the chances of girls from Kerala, who are actively using the app are slim.

Even if you do start chatting to one or two, a major let-down is that most of them are too scared to go out and confine their communication to the virtual medium,” he says.

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“Dating via apps is always a gamble as you never know if the person is really who he says he is on virtual media.

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

We ask a few, who first indulge in virtual dating before switching over to the real world.

When we contacted the dating app Aisle’s team to get the number of active Malayali users, they divulged, “Around 7.2% of the males and 3.9% of the females of our users are Malayalis.

“Where could one take out the girl they are interested in, is a question that leaves many baffled,” he says.

“Unlike in other places, where there are pubs and cafes tailor-made for dating, it is difficult to zero in on a few appropriate places in the city; the only exception being Fort Kochi.” He adds that his virtual encounters with Malayali girls “have been awkward”, as the moment he asks them out, they seem to get scared and that turns him off. Mansi Gaur from Delhi narrates her experience dating Malayali men via such apps.

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All that the guys and girls do is keep swiping to the next profile,” he says.