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Rudyard Kipling used one as a kind of personal logo. But the use of the Tudor Rose on signs in Cornwall I, as an Englishman, find singularly inappropriate.Were I Cornish born I would feel the same way about it as if it were a Nazi-style swastika.You are well out of order, Adrian and you should be ashamed of yourself.You have the absolute gall to compare the Tudor rose with the Swastika and everything that means to a generation that are in the twilight of their years.My wife is German and she would be too, just as much.Both she and I would feel proud to use spraypaint to do 'criminal damage' in order to remove the offending symbol, were it ever to be used in such a setting.To describe the Tudors as being quintessentially English shows an ignorance of British history.

and is thus a very appropriate emblem for the English Tourist Board, for use in England (i.e. But the first and second Tudor Kings, and their successors, were sworn enemies of Cornwall and the Cornish, after 14 - unsurprisingly, givent the role of the Cornish in almost ending their power and eventual dynasty before it had properly begun.

Yes Adrian, we are talking about events that took place 60 years ago, not 500.

If we are talking history, I don’t know whether you have heard, but William the Conqueror has laid waste the North of England in an act of reprisal. It only happened 1,000 years ago, but folk up here are still seething when anyone mentions Normandy, sees bottles of Calvados or cheap reproductions of The Bayeaux Tapestry (where is that spraycan). Please do not try to intellectualise and justify your paper thin argument, it aint right and it aint clever.

we would be willing to go to jail for our beliefs in this matter, as any self-respecting Briton would (or should) be.

In India, of course, the swastika has a different meaning and connotation.

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(Oh if I were only 20 years younger, I would be there with you brave chaps at the ‘signpost front’ doing my bit for our land …… Anyone wishing to check the validity of my quote, merely has to scroll back through the postings to Adrian's post which begins:- "Well, Tim, John Prescott is the monkey not the organ grinder." The penultimate paragraph ends with the sentence:- "And historically, culturally, ethnically, economically and politically Cornwall is quite distinct from and different to Devon and points East." So when I attributed the words "ethnically different" to Adrian, when referring to those from East of the Tamar, I was quoting his very words.

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