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Sheree, though, has an elephant-sized bone to pick with Ne Ne for calling Tyrone a “con man.” Considering that he’s IN PRISON FOR CONNING PEOPLE is that really something to get feisty over, She By She Needs To Sit Down? MBele first gives everyone a personalized energy readout and proclaims that Ne Ne has a “heart of gold.” I want to know how much Ne Ne paid this woman to say that? Cynthia is not believing warnings from psychics anymore than she’s believing warnings from psychos.

Sheree actually did need to sit down – her back is still messed up and girl was rolling out of the house wearing a bathrobe paired with Louboutins. as Kandi points out Brielle is 20 and practically lives with her man, but Kim probably had to keep her phone in case the need for an emergency sexy selfie arose! She certainly has a type, though, and that type is “opportunist” (See: Thomas, Peter).

Kim and Sheree are amusing in the way that shady bitches who are feeling rowdy and vengeful are. Before the appetizers are out, she’s already encouraged Sheree to go for it with her imprisoned lover Tyrone (Sheree could join the cast of ! Then Kim titters that Kandi Burruss offered to eat her box. Maybe Kandi just wanted to see if Kim wears a wig ‘down there’. That higher power happens to have a store in Atlanta, thankfully.

Kim decides Ne Ne is just mad because she saw her park her “rent-a-rolls” in a handicapped spot and Sheree snickers like she owns her cars!

We’ll get to Wigs N Cigs’ messy mayhem in a few, let’s start with Cynthia Bailey. Maybe after years of Uncle Ben bumpin’ (or not), Cynthia just wants a little ho-ho in her life?Rule 1 is that MBele confiscates everyone’s phone like they’re school children who might text during class.Ne Ne willingly swaps hers for vodka, but not everyone is so comfortable handing over their lifelines!Kim could stop interrupting to mutter under her breath because she questions MBele’s powers because SHE is the real “higher power” in the room.Plus, Kim has been read by world-class healers and psychics and is certain MBele’s energy ethics are fake.

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While the other ladies gathered for some pre-reading victuals, and also more sessions of warning Cynthia that Will is Bad News Baldie, Kim and Porsha meet at Sheree’s for some pre-gaming about how stupid this party is.