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Relationships can be filled with all your attention, or they make you feel exhausted and bored, leading you to focus your attention on other things.

If you are uncertain if you’re still into him, these eight signs show if you are losing interest in your boyfriend.

When you first start dating, you are super excited about them and every little second of their lives.

You want to be with each other all the time, and you probably find yourself texting each other or calling to check in whenever you get a free moment.

When you really want to be with your man, and you are really into him, then trust me when I say you also really want to keep the passion going—because you crave it.

You want to create the special connection you get when your sex is on fire!

When you’ve been dating each other for a little while, you might find yourself caring a little less about what they are doing.

You stop texting about their work day, what they had for lunch, and the other little details you used to agonize over.

If you find yourself looking at every semi-attractive guy that walks past you, and you really don’t care if your boyfriend knows or not, then it’s safe to say you are not focused on just him. Just like your frenemy, whose every little photo or status post annoys you, you develop an irritation toward your relationship.If you no longer care to do things with him—for example, go to the movies, take a road trip, or just go out with some friends—then you are probably stuck in a relationship rut. This huge red flag shows you no longer care for your man.If you find yourself scrolling through your Rolodex, looking for those guys that used to wait in the wings, and text them to see what they are up to.[Read: Fun sex games to play with your boyfriend and keep sex exciting] #2 You don’t pay attention when they talk.Another way to tell you’re no longer into your relationship is by how you make them feel when you have conversations with each other.

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