May club vr dating dx

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Look for her in front of the station most of the time, but she is sometimes in front of the May Club office.You need to meet her at least eight times to win the game with her.

Hajime is enjoying some downtime after graduation before he is scheduled to start his training with a CAT company and enter the corporate world as a “wage-slave”.

Rei Rei only appears in the evenings, in front of the pachinko parlor. Save your game often with her, since she can be a difficult character. Hiromi Like Mikoto, Hiromi only appears in the second half of the game.

A difficult character, you'll need to meet her eight times in order to win the game with her.

Also, you can move through the game quickly by holding the control key.

Be careful, however, as you will not be able to read the text flowing by.

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In order to advance time (if, say, you have a date with Satomi on Sunday afternoon), use the "sleep" option frequently.