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Meaning, INFJs can use Extroverted Feeling to comprehend others’ emotions and frame of mind, as well as manipulate the general mood of the moment.

This ability makes us seem very sociable and (falsely) extroverted.

These reasons aren’t exclusive to the INFJ personality type, but I believe INFJs (and other sensitive introvert types) will especially relate. As natural people-pleasers, we never want to make anyone feel “put out” and will go to great lengths to ensure this doesn’t happen. Since the INFJ is very intuitive, observing others’ nonverbal cues and habits allows us to better understand what makes them tick before we approach them.

In large social gatherings, INFJs might be found “faking busy” by fidgeting through their phone, playing with the dog, standing next to the snacks, or stuck like glue to the one person they feel most at ease with.

If you are looking for the best ways to FIND THAT SPECIAL PERSON missing IN YOUR LIFE, or STRENGTHEN YOUR EXISTING RELATIONSHIPS, or looking for the RIGHT WORDS to say to SOMEONE SPECIAL, or how to EXPRESS YOURSELF MORE COMPLETELY in your relationships, and if YOU are ready to learn how to MAKE ALL OF YOUR RELATIONSHIPS MORE MEANINGFUL, then you have picked up the right book.

Coming from my own personal Internet Dating experiences, I share some of the mistakes I made and how I dealt with each relationship after getting past the meeting, greeting, and dating stages.

INFJs will probably never be extroverts who make droves of soulful connections. We’ve all heard many times over that quality outweighs quantity, and this couldn’t be more true than when referring to friendships.The problem is that conflict rarely gets truly resolved, merely put aside temporarily to satisfy our need for peace.Although more patient and forgiving than many other personality types, as conflict builds up, even peace-loving INFJs will eventually explode, potentially leading to the INFJ’s distinctive trait of door-slamming.Sure, extroverts appear to have no problem making new friends everywhere they go, but are those surface-level friendships really what the INFJ wants?True friendships take time, commitment, and effort to establish and maintain regardless of personality type.

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The door slam happens when the INFJ’s patience has been entirely expended, leading them to cut someone out of their life when they believe the relationship is beyond repair. If you don’t feel comfortable approaching others and striking up conversations, taking an extroverted friend or partner with you to social events can help you push yourself to find the connections you desire.

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