Middle eastern dating culture

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Middle eastern dating culture

But it is here that they often face the most danger.

More than 40 percent of women from Egypt, Tunisia and Lebanon—purportedly the most progressive states in the region—have reported being victims of violence in the home.

Why, Eltahawy asks, don’t they talk about his marriage to his first wife, Khadijah, who was older than Mohammed and independently wealthy?

Although she makes a strong argument for the need to discuss religion’s role in the abuse of women, including a call for the establishment of personal status codes not based in , Eltahawy thinks that the best way forward is to show people the "lived realities" of these abused women and girls.

This is done so the rapist avoids facing charges, and the woman can restore honor to her family by keeping the loss of her virginity linked to only one man.

This puts women in the often dangerous position of either marrying the man who attacked them or facing honor crimes, possibly murder, at the hands of family members.

Eltahawy, while bravely exposing the position of women in the Middle East, also has an unfortunate tendency towards conflation in her treatment of western societies.

She describes the "bigoted and racist Western right wing" in America as being blind to the fact that their efforts against "reproductive rights" are just as misogynistic as the abuse faced by Muslim women.

Eltahawy calls the public space "uniquely dangerous" for women in the Middle East.Eltahawy describes the horrifying reality in the Middle East, where rape victims are often more stigmatized than rapists, and where women can be punished as "fornicators" under the , the part of Islamic law that has to do with unlawful sexual intercourse.Perhaps most upsetting is the prevalence of rape victims who are persuaded to marry their rapist.Because personal status laws tend to be based on in these countries, women often face difficulties having charges brought against their spouses.At the time of this writing, only Jordan, Mauritania, and Tunisia have laws that address domestic violence, although Eltahawy argues that they are rarely enforced.

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