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Not so careful he wasn't prepared to attack, however.

Marquez got the drive out of the final corner, and slid past along the straight.

If there were any doubts left about Lorenzo's intentions after his brutal start, he dispensed with them as he passed Iannone, barging through at Scarperia on the first lap.

From there, it looked to be a classic Lorenzo performance at Mugello, the Movistar Yamaha rider pushing hard to make a break.

'In Le Mans and Jerez he had quite a good bike, but he could not push the whole race and control the bike the whole race.' And what a race it provided.Put all these things together, and they left Jorge Lorenzo struggling for breath, quite literally.At Mugello, things started to slot into place for Lorenzo once again.The Moto3 race was fantastic entertainment, but the Moto GP race at Mugello was one for the ages.The kind of race that fans will bring up over and over again, one to go along with Barcelona 2009, Laguna Seca 2008, even Silverstone 1979.

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Lorenzo's punishing cardio workout schedule now back on track and paying dividends.

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